26 April Journal

Today has been another long one. Here is what i had waiting from last night.



As you can see i had a mess. The forks were back in before i quit for the night last night. So a few hours later….


Ther tire and fender back on and setting up new springs. Rebuilt the brake caliper on your right. I had done the left one already 2 weeks ago. So now a few hours later we have completed ………



So after a test ride i have found a much smoother ride and a higher stance. It feels so much better and doesnt nose dive on deceleration like before.

Now on to our other projects, from previously posted BDSM gear we hope we can sell.


Mistress is staining her personal paddle she plans to use on me. This will be our demo. More pics of it to come later.
The next pic are 2 more that are almost ready. The one that looks like a fiddle or guitar, is something i came up with. I still need to draw and cut some “sound holes” in it.


The other one looks like a tennis racket we have not decided on any cutouts or patterns.
I have a collar that has alocking device that needs finished and i plan on starting another locking device to build a collar with chain rather than a cable. I will post pics of that later. I am going to relax and watch television for a little while. Contact me if you are interested in anything i described.
We have a chance of some severe storms this evening through tomorrow. So we will have to see what happens on that.
Have a great sexy fun filled night!!!!!!   🙂

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