25 April Journal

Nude or not to nude, that is the question of the day. I prefer nude. Freedom of clothing no restriction from them.


She is cute or am I horny. Either way she is naked. To bad she isn’t out doors. 🙂
We are planning on day trips to the nude resort this summer for naked water volley ball. We didn’t go last year. We miss it and want to go back. Being nude with your ass getting tan and no tan lines has been some of our most enjoyable times. We are going to get in early and do some BDSM photos in the open air. Can’t wait for that. Mistress will surely enjoy it.
I can’t believe it’s lunch time already. Actually I wish it was quitting time. Boy I don’t even have to type, this swipe thing is cool but it don’t like certain words. Like sex, has to be typed, it comes out seed or sec. Orgasm doesn’t work either. Slave works.
We have a busy weekend ahead, lots of repairs and cleaning. Fork seals in my motorcycle. Our shop need cleaning and getting ready for toy making.
I will take and post some pics tomorrow. Its 830 pm i been working kn the bike all evening. I am really tired now and off to bed naked of course. Maybe she will wake me for some playtime.

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