23 April Journal

Today i start with a weekly schedule that came in to my head with the help of bloggers like you and the number 7. Let go to BDSM street and see what that will entail.
1. We have Sinful Sunday, nudity on the couch watching tv, answering the door naked. Sex and what ever “sinful” ideas we come up with. I cant remember who started this but she posts a sinful sunday every sunday.
2. Mastubating Monday. Forced to masturbate, either my self or bring pleasure to Mistress by doing the same to her. Or being masturbated and tortured by post orgasmic torture.
3. Titty Tuesday. Having titties tortured. Bitten, pinched, slapped, poked, and flogged.
4. Whacky Wednesday. Being Whacked on the ass, cock and balls or any other place that it Mistress’ desire.
5. Thumper Thursday. Not sure what this will be. Sex, thumping parts of the body? Any ideas?
6. Fucking Friday. Well that should describe it. Sex for Mistress though i may be denied any orgasm. Maybe i get pegged. Maybe both with a side dish of cleaning up the fluids of our evening.
7. Spanking Saturday. Spanked off an on all day for no other reason than to be spanked. The paddle carried in the car and used befor and after we go into a store or restaraunt. Then tied down or up and spanked more on saturday night. Caned and any number of possibilities.

I have about twenty minutes before i get to go home. My new phone is waiting. Hopefully its a lil better than this one. But this one has been good for a long time. No otter box for the new one but i hated the otter box on this one anyway. It made the lower buttons hard to use. It did save it a couple times.
I wonder if there is any lifestyle happenings from Mistress when i get home. I hope so. I think i need something. When you have a teenager at home its hard to determine when you can actually play. Just a couple more years then its a free for all. So i hope. Somthing tells me otherwise. But i still look forward to it.
I havent placed any pics on my last couple of posts due to the fact i been pressed for time and nothing actually went with the theme. So sorry for the lack of visual. I will have to fix that problem wont i. Maybe i need a spanking for that.
Good night all

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