22 April Journal

Last night before bed we watched some of the “sex sent me to the er” how stupid some people are. Obviously all the talk of “safe” sex doesnt apply to some people. No research no cares just do it and worry about it later, at the hospital with others looking. Its funny and serious all at the same time. What a bunch of goobers.
Still deciding on how to finish up a collar. What type of material is an elusive issue. We cant seem to come up with a solution. HELP! ! Please.

Its going to be another long day it seems. I better get moving again.
Lunch time and some serious thoughts have come to mind. We always make our own gear. Its made to with stand the rigors of a 6’4″ 210# guy, who pulls and pushes and works a heavy job all day. So strength is not an issue for me. But breaking store bought bondage gear is. Unless we go buy the 200 dollar a pair cuffs. We just dont have those funds available like others do. So we are going to make a couple paddles, and take some pics of the stuff we have designed and made post them on a special page for those interested. If you have an idea or want a color added or what ever we can do that too. Over the years i have repaired this that or the other aroind the house and bought tools to do various things. Maybe its time to make some money with them. I have a machine shope for the metal stuff i cant find or afford. It can be used for wood items as well. Hit us up if you need something. We havent priced anything yet and leather work is expensive as it requires lots of hand stitching to be durable and able to hold up. More to come on this later.
An hour to go before i get to go home. Tiredness has crept in again. I kinda hope to have heard that our new contract is coming along and ready for signing. Cant wait. Another thing i cant wait for is the new phone to arrive. I am tired of this little bity thing. I continue to make mistakes typing and its a bitch to see now days. Its been a good phone, i only hope the next is as good as this one has been.
Spanking time is needed again i miss it. I wonder if Mistress will give me a minimum of 5 swats a night just to sooth her mind and my defiance. 🙂 Maybe she will spank me in places other than my ass. I will bring it up. A slave should be reminded daily of his place with his owner. Another post orgasmic torture would be nice too. That was fun when i look back. But it was just that, torture, when it was happening. Boy it is amazing what we find we like after its done. But, during we hate it.
We worked on some paddles, no they are not done. A hour an evening doesnt get very far. But progress was made. Off to bed now, i hope.

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