Sundays weekly Journal

Its Sunday, we have had a long weekend starting friday night. We went to our local dungeon and saw, well i say that, the others saw, i participated in a rough body play demo. I was the recipient of the female dominants demonstration. It was something that i was unsure of how to react. Do i retaliate, retreat, or redirect her energy. Oh i am sure as cute as she is, i would have had a hard time defeating her in any type of physical contact. That is unless she had me pissed off. I dont want to get pissed off due to somethings i know i am capable of.
The demo was finished and Mistress and i went to the swinging table in the rear of the dungeon. I was stripped nude, cuffed and collared for play. Climbed up on the table and laid back. Restrained to the chains that hold the table to the ceiling, Mistress put the tens unit pads on me. Two of the pads were on either side at the base of my cock, two were on the base of the scotum on either side, and the last two were on the insides of my legs where the buttocks and hamstrings come together.
I always love the tens unit so i was ready. Though the extension cord was left at home, she had to use the batteries. The batteries just dont give the power the wall connection does. She turned them on and my body started its twitching. Tyen she began her flogging. Actually not, pinching and pulling my nipples, beating my legs with something. I didnt know what it was she was using as i was blind folded. Then it all stopped , except the tens unit. After a time she began pulling the skin around my nipple up on the right side. Then a constant pinching pain began, then another and another. She worked down my torso to just above the tens unit pads, and back up the other side. The constant pulling on my skin was nice feeling, but the pinching part was beginning to be un bearable. Then she started knocking them off, or pulling them off. That felt worse than the pinching. I moaned in pain but kept somewhat quiet. I love to be loud but not in public like that. We dont know these folks at the munch that well so i didnt want to draw to much attention to us yet.
Then Mistress started biting me in different places quite hard and by then i was getting into my space, enjoying my self and attempting to lose my self. In the darkness of the eye covering and feeling of Mistress hand i just started letting go. So she was biting and playing my nipples very eroticly. She had me turn over just as i was getting all happy.
After turning over and getting past the fact that i could escape, i started getting my flogging. A rope flogger that is very thuddy. I was loving it. Then the stingy stuff started. I hate but also love the stingy stuff. We have had nothing but stingy for so long that i have grown to love it. Except that paddle, one i made in high school out of ash wood. Only coated in Johnsens paste wax for a finish. It stings like no other. I will get around to posting a picture soon.
Now we get to the punishment part of the night. The week was filled with my defiance. I had worked my way into 75 swats. I was secretly hoping for marks. But first the swats from flogger was in time with the beat of the music, i was lost in the erotic beating, gyrating my hips. Just being allllll kinds of fun and loving of the scene. Now i started getting my swats from the paddle.
At 75 i was still counting painfully with each. I asked for six more thinking i was gonna go over the edge. I raised my ass and accepted each one with pride and love. Now we stopped, i was trying to get up. Then i did i noticed that there was precum dribbling and was a site to see. I wasnt gone to subspace but, i think i was really close. I was weak, mentally fucked up at that time but still coherent.
We finished our cleankng up and packing. Prepping to go home. It was midnight, and i was tired from work and our night out. I was still kinda foggy kn the head on the way home after our good byes.
In the bed at home i orally pleasuring Mistress. Yet she was still torturing my using her fingernails on my ass and scrotum. She finally allowed me to penetrate her. I slowly, due to the piercing, i moved in a manner so as to bring her the most pleasure. I could see in her face that she was orgasming. Then she let me cum. After i had cum and orgasmed and shuddered with her, she forced me to clean her out. So then we just fell into eachothers arms with me in a protection mode of her. With that we just fell asleep. It had been a long day.
20 hours of work, worry and play. It ended good and saturday with its chores came way too soon.

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