18 April Journal

Good morning americans, its friday. Yes it is, foggy and damp this morning. We are going to the dungeon tonight. Sounding like fun and it is turning me on rather fiercely.
Another rant; i like dominant females and males and it is a big turn off to this;


A seemingly sexy female with her middle finger up. Yeah i hate it in men too. Its uncouth and unbecoming of any one. Sometimes its needed during a conversation. But not during a picture. It shows how immature you are, no matter who or what you are. Sultry and seductive it is not, at least to me.

Anyway there is a class/demo tonight on rough body play. Then playtime starts. Such a great night instore. I need my weekly spankings and torture. Actually no, i do need a daily spanking. Wouldnt mind a daily teasing fest but thats too much for the daily time available.
We are the only school disctrict open today in our area. But as maintenance in transportation i would have had to work any way. Speaking of such, i better get started again.
Its now noon time. I really dont want to be here today. Kinda tired now and fighting a head ache. I forgot the banks are closed today. Bummer, and in the bummer dept. Mistress didnt get the job. I am so tired of her missing out even after all the hard work and time she spent at school and doing extern. I am at wits end for all this job crap.
I dont think i will be writing this evening. We wont be home. Good thing i write all through the day. Some good and some bad. Some long some short. I really need a new phone to be able and type better.
Ooooo i been a defiant slave and Mistress says 50 swats from the paddle tonight. I asked if there would be bruises, she said yes. We will have to wait and see. I really would like to be an intergral part of this group we are going to tonight.
Lastly our biggest jerk at work brought some cookies filled with delicant strawberry filling.

Hope i dont get sick. Take care all and have a spanking good friday evening. Show your bruises from your master!! O:-) 🙂 B-) :O

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