16 April Journal

Well a day has begun, crappy i must say. I sit now at the fuel pumps with a broken down unit waiting on a tow truck. I have another unit with window issues that i should be looking at.
Mistress has been working on a new contract. I was told i would see it when its finished. I cant wait, though i may have a disagreement with items at first, i asked for it you know. It will be fun to be totally hers in life, love, sex, spirit and soul. To serve in the way a slave submissive should. I get that feeling in my groin of excitment when i think of it and write it out. Almost to the point of full grown erection. It sure is exciting.

I wonder what is going through the heads of dominant females on some of the websites i see. They are begging for money or tribute just to chat and some to even view them. They seem lifeless and crappy. As one Domme put it “its a form of prostitution.” i have to agree there are plenty of people that would gladly do it because its on their soul, not the pocket book. Even more insane than that is the men that fall for it. Good grief guys they only want your money. What do they call them in the vanilla world? Oh yes, “gold diggers”.

Then you have the hard core no BS YOU WILL OBEY OR ELSE dominants. I read those profiles and laugh. There is no possible way they can be that heartless all the time, Or can they? Are they so rich that the sub/slave can be locked and do domestic chores all day with no oit side connection? I wouldnt mind finding a domme like that. But my view is, it cannot possibly exist real time for long.

Oh this is all intriguing, but too god to be true. And then add anartica and 99 year olds that in habit the continent. I did not know so many people lived on anartica. I thought it was mostly penguins and a few folks for research. Along with 19 year olds having been in the lifestyle 20 some odd years. There was a post on fet life about this subject. Boy they must think old people are stupid. Oh well enough ranting.

I wonder whats in store when i get home? A good slave beating sounds fun :-* oh but wait, that means i may get the elusive marks of my Mistress. It never happens that i get any good marks. Only thing i get is red. No welps, or straping marks that will last for a few days. Except one way, hickies from biting is all i get. I think she needs to use the canes i brought her. I have an idea for a leather paddle for her. I just have to make it. I may just start on that tonight. Get me a system set up for it and then maybe sell them. We will have to see. Gotta get some extra income some how.
I really do have the material, equipment and skills to make almost anything i want. I just need to use them. But i am so tired from my day of mechanicing all day that i just dont want too and i need to clean my shop up. Then you add the time after work to do such things is limited. I need to make a plan.
Looks like to much of nothing tonight. Besides i am tired, and have eaten dinner. I think i wish to post some naughty pics heeeheeee haaaaw_ww. 🙂

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