14 April Journal

Boy i tell ya life is full of drama. To bad i cant just watch it on television. Anyway its good old monday again, kinda sucks as usuall. We talked and decided that our anniversary is the time we are going to sign a new Master/slave contract. The details i am unsure of. I do know that i will not have any say in the new contract or rules given. I have told her it is up to her and her alone for the contents there of. I am really looking forward to it. Matter of fact i get kinda sexually excited about the whole idea. I even like the “TPE” idea of the contract.


So now it is supposed to spring here in texas. However its cold and cloudy again. And tonight the temps are supposed to be close to 30 degrees. Good grief folks its not supposed to this. If it gets to 32 it will be the latest freeze on record in our area.

I had a couple nice conversations with some fellow bloggers today. It was nice to interact on that level. Giving some info. I only wish i wasnt at work so i could really get into the conversations more. I look forward to having more of them. It was fun and exciting.
Well thats about it for today. Take all you happy people

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