Why is sex taboo?

It seems that sex is taboo. In all of the movies, film, misic, art its a forbidden subject. In the words of Henry Blake “sex shouldnt be an issue, we are all born one or the other of it, as a direct result of the act of it.”

In the pic above, figure a on the left is attacted to figure b on the right. But figure b is attracted to figure c not pictured. Figure a also likes to find another figure a to play figure b, who still hopelessly in love with figure c. Now another figure b comes along and plays figure a and has figure d a smal, version of figure a. Figure b 2 is distraught due to figure a3 not being another figure b. The original figure b loses out due to her play with figure c also known as ferret face.

Have fun with this pass it along. But still why is sex so naughty. We would not be here without it. And its so fun, and feels ssooool goood!!! Are we taught that by older generations dhe to the lifestyle at the time. Why havent we changed. Same with being nude. If it was needed for us to have clothing, we would have been born with it on. Or a coat iof fur. I rather like being free in the nude. No clothes to bind us up, no judgment because i am not wearing what you deem is appropriate. Nudists and the nudist camps are so unjudgmental. Though sex is still taboo there too. Only in closed doors. If we were more exposed to sex and sexuality we would not desire it as we do now. Yes it will still happen but not in a mind of dirtyness.

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