10 April Journal


Ok so i went off and re-explored our old swing profile in sls. It seems that the ones that say they are wild, well, have no clue of “wild”. They should go to a munch with us sometime. I bet the “freak” they claim to be will be completely shocked to the point of fainting. Hehehe, i updated our profile and states that 50 shades of gray isnt even a start to where we been and are. Not to mention where we are going. I can remember one couple who was playing with a flogger at a club. I was so horny from that act even though had i opened my mouth then, knew i and Wwe would have been rejected. Now years later i see that they had no idea of the mental and spiritual part of the whole BDSM scene. Most dont have a clue, and all that sexy vanilla clothing just dosent turn me on like it used to. It will still be fun to explore it again with my collar on and the leash in Mistress’ hand. Only problem is that the venues are so expensive. Minimum here is 75-100 dollars each time you want to walk in the door. That is some of the reason we backed off. At least our current lifestyle is cheaper to attend. And we always have some place to go and have some real kinky fun. Granted the toys are pricey, but, a little time and enginuity, we can make it. Though the swing clubs would be a good place for male humiliation. I bet we could really get some folks cocks hard and pussies dripping with what we do. Now it sounds fun, wheeeeeeee!!!! Oh and i bisexual male, forget it, thats the most taboo thing of all in the swing world. There are some, but i think its a ploy to get into a females pants.

So with all i said, our lifestyle of BDSM, is more open, accepting, kinky, and fun than the swingers lifestyle. We are consentual, and usually not cheaters. I find that men and women cheat more often in swing than BDSM, not saying that is always the case. But that is the generality.
So if you are a swinger reading this, and you are close to us, give us a line. We could see what happens, maybe you are kinky enough to play with us. We refer to it as poly not swinging. See the about page for contact info, or my post called contact.

Now on with my daily issues, it has startes out as a rough day. Maybe it will get better.
It has been windy again and the pollen in the air has me sneezing endlessly. I never sneeze like this. And my nose is running too. I guess i best be off to catch it šŸ™‚
Work day almost over hope i can get some sort of dominance from Mistress this evening. With the extra vanilla kids in the house its hard to do.
Made some contacts on our old profile. One happens to be a person we were close to swinging with. So maybe we will see. We just have so much more fun in the BDSM world. Maybe we can bring some over.
Lasagna is for dinner when it gets finished. I would really like to have some home made though. On the sex note, i am so horny. On the lifestyle note, i really need and want a spanking and torture. No penis ejaculation needed, just a deep mind fuck, and the torturous pain to send me over the edge. With that i leave you to your fantasies of how you would torture me, spank me and what ever else may please you. Male or female doesnt matter. Please send your desires to my Mistress and lets see if She will oblige you and let you have your way.

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