7 April Journal


Its monday again, what a wonderful day for a new beginning. The sun is shining and the cardinals were out early making lots of noise after yesterdays rain. Lastnight before bed i started my yoga again. Which at this point helped some sleeping. I have let my mind wonder off from subservient desires and needs. Been so busy dealing with life problems that our M/s life had to take a back seat. It shouldnt be that way. I know it can be incorporated into everyday life. But we just had to many issues. I am going back to calling her Mistress. I always refer to her as such in writing but not in private as i should.
We still havent had time for her to take me as her sissy lover with a strap-on yet. Maybe this week it will become a reality.
Being a sub slave and doing yoga have simularities. You have to get in the right mind or it jusg isnt going to work. I think that maybe the yoga will help subside my busy defiant mind, and help me be more passionate in my slave dutiea towards Mistress. I have noticed i am not scattered today like i have been. The medative time of sinking into oneself seems to have helped. But i am out of practice as usuall. I let actually Wwe let to many things go and have to get back to doing them again.
Mistress may have a job interview soon. We sure need a steady paycheck on her part.
I see that i make plenty of mistakes when i type on my phone. The buttons are just to small. I was on one of the bdsm sites today. It appears many folks are having issues with 19 – 28 year olds being more than they really are. Which i need to up date that one any way. I am the same name on either FL or CM if you care to browse and hunt me there too. I found a few profiles that have done what i have and transitioned to here for more freedom than CM will allow.
Well do to another issue i havent been able to update my profile. Oh well it will still be there tomorrow. Good news Mistress is getting an interview. It works by working to see if she can perform rather than an oral interview. I hope this is the break she wanted, needs and deserves. She worked hard to get her certification, now she needs and deserves the break that i hope is coming. She wanted to work at this place to begin with.
I am in a funk again. I so need a punishmnent, and beating session. Well i am off to bed. See you folks again soon.

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