6 April Journal

Wellll, i finally have a chance to sit down and write. I called back to work thursday night, had to drive a unit to a driver stuck out of town with a bunch of kids. Then got called again yesterday for a unit messed up in downtown dallas. Was working on my parrents car at the time. So by the time i actually got to stop, it was 1130 pm lastnight saturday. It has been raining since about 7 am. We have needed it badly, and need much more.
We obviously have had no real Mistress slave time. I am bummed out due to that. We have inherited some extra mouths to feed. So there are two many people to enjoy our lifestyle right now. It sucks so bad, damn it go away people.
The grandbaby is over, so anything is off again. Well i am tired still and wanna nap. See yall tomorrow for another fun filled day of slave and Mistress. Weeeee!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Double Leo says:

    ahhh…it sucks when you need that sub time and can’t have it due to life. I can SO relate!


    1. abezure says:

      Yeah to much happening around here lately. She needs some Domme time too.


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