Miss Aisuhi’s slave


Ms. Aisuhi had spent months on end training her bitch. Still with all the training he was defiant. He needed more training, even the years together didnt help. Life was just too busy to keep focused when it was needed. Kids at home and all the vanilla things that pop up she just couldnt get the training regimine established properly. So with much planning, Ms. Aisuhi decided to have a Femdom party. With her slave as the only servant. Women dominants will come over to use, abuse, fuck, and humiliate the slave of Ms Aisuhi. To help her get an obedient slave, worthy of showing off at public events. He will be taught all the things he needs to know. Like the slave positions, how to please a woman and a man sexually and in servitude. All her wishes to come true; humiliate the slave to the greatest degree possible and for him to trust that she will not let anything bad happen to him. In the last few months her dominance of him had been growing, she wasnt taking sas from him like before. But she needed help, for herself in learning, and for him to learn his true place beneath the mighty woman, giver of life.
He had signed a contract for her, he wanted to her property, slave, and bitch. To do all her biding, to bow to her everytime she came into his presence. Somehow years of being taught of males first has kept his mind from doing what his soul desired. He so much wanted her total dominance, punishment, and slavery. As his heart and soul began to take over, times would come that he reverted for a moment. Mistress should have slapped his face, grabbed his balls or some form of control over her new found property. But the two of them had much to learn. He tried and tried to build her confidence, but that ongoing male thing would reappear and so the story goes. He wants her to humiliate, peg, force feminize, and take away his manly identity in private and public. His devotion of her and the chastity she desires is so great that he begged for a Reverse Prince Albert Piercing. One in which he recieved at her pleasure. A lock will be placed though the piercing and the one in his scrotum causing the most inescapable chastity that could be devised.

All the preparations were made. The guests would show up soon. Slave had been placed in only cuffs and collar. Bound and locked to the wall with his chastity device on. His position at 5pm was to be at the door. On his knees facing away from the entry, ass up face on the floor. In bright pink was written on his ass, “hit here upon entering.” How better to greet your kinky guests than with a male slaves ass ready for a beating.
At 4:55 he was moved to his place at the door. His ass high and face low, he pointed to the wall next to the door. It was just in time as the first of her guests arrived.

Ms Scorpion entered, took a look at the presentation, rubbed the exposed ass and turned to walk away. Then she turned back and slapped the ass with a hard smack. Then deposited a penis shaped butt plug in his ass.
Ms. Scorpion was the best friend of Ms. Aisuhi, teaching and guiding her. The loving nature and sadistic ways of Ms. Scorpion was a turn on for Ms. Aisuhi. Ms. Aisuhi had learned much from her and was still learning. Only she had not yet learned to just turn on the sadist at a whim and become “Ms. Aisuhi the Bitch”. Whenever that was learned, Ms. Aisuhi would be a good Domme for any person, male or female. Each guest came in and paddled, caned, whipped, flogged or smacked. Each one leaving the marks that were so needed and deserved. Never once did slaves face come up from the floor in pain. He seemed to be in complete control of his pain.

Ms. Aisuhi removed the lock and allowed him to be displayed properly with his face showing. He maintained his bowing head unless it was asked to be lifted or was forced up. Either way he was face slapped before moving on the the next Dominant guest. One guest had him turn and wiggle his ass. Butt plug in place, he wiggled and wagged his “tail”. The next Mistress had him licking her boots, then told him to lick his own. Ms. Scorpion was so in love with his submission and his body, that she pulled his head deep into her crotch.

“Smell that pussy, do you like it bitch boy? Oh yeah thats it suffocate on my pussy. Oh wait bitch boys cant suffocate on vinyl.” She was barking at the slave while grinding her crotch on his face. Then she whipped his back so hard with her crop that he moaned out and shoved his head deeper into her. Ms. Aisuhi was still holding his leash laughing at his humiliation. Ms. Scorpion released her hold on him allowing him to be removed to the slave pad.

“Here he awaits orders, or recieves punishment. He also meditates as he needs to.” She described the pad and the reasons, and several other things that were happening in the house. His forced nudity, and how he has to cook without an apron. The welts on his chest and belly were proof of that. Finally she stated ” now bitch go and prepare our drinks, bring them in and serve us.” With that he crawled off, the only time he was allowed of his leash while around guests or public lifestyle places. Even to the restroom she led him in and out. This was more humiliating to hom than anything. She thought it was fun and cool to do that.

Slave returned with a platter full of drinks. Walking in as usuall then getting on his knees in front of the first guest. He bowed his head and raised the tray up to her. She chose her drink and he knee walked to the next guest. Ms. Scorpion tried to make him spill them from a distance with her cane. It was not going to happen tonight. Slave was on his game, wanting his Mistress to become accepted more in the community. When he made his way to Ms. Scorpion there were two drinks left. She retrieved them both and said thank you bitch. Just as turned she spilled one of the drinks on him on purpose.
“Look at this filthy pig. Sweaty and smells of alcohol. Its even on my boots. Get over here and lick them clean slut!!”
He manuvered around to clean her boots, licking them lovingly while holding the tray above his head.
“You do that like you love it. Do you like that boot bitch?”
He nodded and grunted out some form of yes. Continuingto clean her boots. Not a drop of wine was left on her boots. They were actually cleaner now than when she arrived.
“Thank you slave, you may disperse.” she waved him off. He crawled back to the kitchen tidied up the tray and crawled back in. Ms. Aisuhi went to place the leash back on, but was stopped.
Ms. Scorpion said “That wont be needed, will it ladies? We have plans that require more movement.”
Ms. B and Ms. F stood up motioning him over to them. He crawled over and placed his head to the floor.
“No, no, no, Lift your head slut. Put that worthless tongue on my temple and make me cum.” Ms. B commanded the slut.
He lifted his head and found the pussy fragrant, and stuck out his tongue. He moved closer and started licking. Feeling all the crevices and juices that she had. It was a wonderful flavor but it wasnt his Mistress. Mean while Ms.F was putting on her strap-on. Slave was licking for all it was worth. Sticking his tongue deep into her flavorful temple. Softly like making love with his mouth. Ms. B was cooing, and then she would chastize him for the sake of it. He was doing the most wonderful job. Ms.F finished her preparations, then grabbed slaves head and pulled him over and shoved her cock in his mouth so deep he started gagging. She backed out a second but never left his mouth. Waiting a few seconds she started face fucking the slaves slut mouth. To Prevent him from pulling back Ms. B sat on his shoulders and ground her sex into him to get her pleasure while Ms. F was face fucking him and getting really hot doing so. Ms. B was beginning to shudder in orgasm. Leaving juices on slaves back. Ms. F was just fucking away and trying her best not to cum. Ms. Aisuhi and the others were getting wet and touching themselves by now. Ms. F was bucking along with Ms. B, both beginning to climax and moaning loudly. Ms. Sccorpion had donned her strap on. Had lubed up slave bitch, and started to enter his ass. Ms. K took Ms. F’s place and had slave eat out her temple of dominating love. She ground hard against his face. Ms. Scorpion pushed her cock in deeper and deeper until she bottomed out. Slave moaned out in pain and licked and sucked on Ms. K’s clit and labia. Ms. Aisuhi got down and pulled on slaves nipples giving no mercy to the crys of pain. Ms. Scorpion was digging her claws in slaves back and was starting to pound hard on the ass. Ms. D got down on the other sids facing Ms. Aisuhi, she grabbed the balls of slave and pulled. She leaned closer and started kissing Ms. Aisuhi then Ms. Scorpion. Ms. B a d Ms. F had sat down watching the show.

After the pleasure was taken from the slave, relished and loved in ecstasy, they all got up. Ms. Aisuhi leashed slave slut and moved him to his pad. They all got out the rope theh were asked to bring and prepared it. Ms. Aisuhi presented the slave standing up.
“Present your wrists slave.” Ms. Aisuhi commanded.
With that the wrists were tied then bound to the walls. Ms. Aisuhi had some hooks installed just for this. Then the ankes were tied and bound not only to the wall but to each other. The floggers canes and paddles were laid out, some in front and some behind him.
Ms. Scorpion spoke out, “Are ready to punish the pig slut? I know from my talks with Ms. Aisuhi he has been defiant, disobedient and down right horny. He needs his punishment.”
While she was degrading the slave she had picked up a thin cane. When she got the nod from Ms. Aisuhi she swatted his ass. Not some measely swat he was used to, but a real “I am in charge” swat. The slave moaned out loudly and almost buckled over.

“This is how you punish your slave Ms. Aisuhi.” She said as another stroke came down on the backs of his upper legs.
Marks were actually left. Good marks that is.
She continued her teaching,”If you give soft swats, your slave doesnt learn. He has to hurt, even a nice scene needs marks. He should always beg you to stop. And it must be in a respectful manner.” She nodded
With that nod, Ms. K paddled his breasts. As slave leaned back away Ms. Scorpion caned his back. This caused him to move forward into the paddle on his breast. Ms. F and Ms. B started flogging his sides at the hips. Ms. K had changed over to a crop and was moving all around from his nipples to his cock and balls. Slave was moaning out so loudly that a pair of panties were put in his mouth, not just one but all of their panties. This muffled the cries.
As the beating continued Ms. Scorpion explained, “You must deny sexual satisfaction until you are ready. If he begs for sex then you beat his balls. If he asks politely, then you fuck his ass. You must not allow any orgasm from your slave with one exception, anal. He will become obedient, loving and will do anything you ask. On rare occasion you should allow for orgasm during penetration of your temple of sex. He should always refer to your pussy as a temple. Remember that your orgasm must come first. Now with that, if you are naked he should be on his knees bowing before the beauty in front of him. He should never be allowed clothing in the home. And out at events, well the minimum required. Public vanilla stuff is up to you, but there should be some sort of hold on him, though privately hidden.”
The beating continued, but was soon coming to an end. The others had decided that slave was going or had gone to subspace. Ms. Scorpion paddled his ass about 6 more times. Slave all but colapsed. He was unbound and layed to the floor. He was covered and Ms. Aisuhi, his Mistress, was tenderly treating him with the aftercare. Slave was incoherent, lost in ecstacy. The others guided her through the steps of aftercare. When all was right, the ladies excused themselves. Accompanied by Ms. Aisuhi, she wished them all well and kissed them goodbye. Ms. Scorpion was last to leave, they embraced and kissed eachother passionately.

“Next time we meet, we play eachother with sex. He gets to watch wnile he is tied.” Ms. Scorpion kissed her again and left.
Ms. Aisuhi returned to her sleeping slave. Having a new outlook, she decided that she was ready to be “in charge”. She was going to make him the best slave, she was not going to “pussyfoot” with her role as Mistress, owner and lover of the slave. She still had one problem, what his bet name should be.

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