3 April Journal

I am writing a story to be posted at a later date. I realized today that the only thing on my mind is sex, sexyness, sexuality and tje beauty of sex and nudity. I seem to be in a constant state of sexual arousal. Its on my mind constantly. It has filtered into my dreams at night, daydreaming of only sex. The idea of being a collared full time slave for everyones sexual enjoyment has been the focus of it all. Male or female, strap-on and other wise. Pleasing the other person and making them sexually satisfied. Oh yes the punishments too are there in a strong way. Punishment for failure, being a slut, and just because they feel like it has been there too. I cant turn it off, why? I know what you think, he  is a male its normal. Though i would agree, it is worse than it was a month or so ago. Is it the piercing i got about 5 weeks ago? Speaking of which i went with no underwear yesterday. I found i am still to sensitive go with out like i did before.
So i would truely love to see Mistress wearing her strapon. The picks and videos of such is a really big turn on. Even more so is the male bent over being “taken into femininity” by the Mistress or Master.
comeand takeit like a man
Another thing is to be covered by all the sexual juices from an all night sex party. Now that is not always pleasurable for the recipient. All that pounding would surely make ones orfices raw and sore. But a memory of pleasure having pleased the crowd none the less.
Cum Covered
Really at this point i just want to used, abused, sexed, fucked, beaten, tortured and starting over. Will it make the desires stronger or help subside the libido? I cant say. But i do want it, no wait, crave it is more like it. Pictures of me crying, screaming, marked, covered in juices would be the best humiliation i can imagine. Especially if i were tied in a humiliating exposed position, allowing access to any parts the participants wanted. My pain to be the pleasure of the party.
Above all my Mistress has to be the most pleased seeing me become her slut bitch. A good slave for her pleasure. And to be more than ready for her to abuse me use me and of course love and cuddle me. Tonight we are to experiment with her strap on. One of her issues is the comfort of such. She is petite and has no natural padding. So we have to find a way for her to recieve the most pleasure. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
I guess that sums it up for today. I have a story to write on when i get home. So i am ending this journal for now. TTFN

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