1 April Journal

Due to somethings that happened over night, i am in a crappy mood. I really dont care to write today. Maybe i should. Mistress spent all day bailing our youngest (17) out of jail. He decided to leave the house through a window at 1 am. He went some kids and was in a stolen vehicle. They got caught. So since he is only my step kid, i cant do what i would. Which is tan his ass til he cant sit, at least til next week. So thats that, just a crappy day.
So we have to cook and decide punishments.
We also have still got this crappy cold, the medicine is worse than the sickness. Especially for Mistress, the cough syrup has codine in it and it still all but has her knocked out. She took it yesterday morning. I am still out of it too, because of the syrup.
It looks like taco bell tonight. Boy this just sucks.
Good night folks, have a wonderfully spanking good night. I have a story to write on.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Double Leo says:

    Ahhhh sorry everything is so crappy


    1. abezure says:

      Well it will be good, we will get through it. Thanks Sir


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