Found on the web. How come we don’t really hear of men being suspended? I love this view though.


The food, the girl or both? I would love to eat my way to the hidden areas. 🙂


A mental orgasm ? Maybe, how long did it take to learn? Wonderful pic.


I would like this in my living room, right next to the female of the same. Wonderful for kinky guests and playtimes.

If only….

If we guys could all do this, well, we would not need a partner to provide this service.


Confident in nature, I suppose i would be too with a package like that.

29 April Journal

Its Tuesday, tittie Tuesday. May great pleasure come to them or wonderful torture. Male or female just play the tittie game today. 🙂 I hope for just such a day. Mistress already claims I am off for a paddling today. Woo hoo Well its just another day with a mind full of sex and kink,…

An ass I love

Look at this behind, I could love on it. Wonder if the front looks as good. 🙂


Something about a latex clad ass. So sexy!!!!

28 April Journal

Todays masturbation monday isnt coming to frution. It started as a good day and by 8 am, quickly went to shit. All thought of kink and perversion ceased. Days like this come, momma said they would. Anyway i have nothing to talk about today, except the nothingness of my mind at the time. Its late…