31 March Journal

Well i didnt write this weekend. I am sure to be punished for that today. I was a busy weekend with beautiful weather. Spent much time out side doing yard work and fixing bicycles.
Has any one noticed that sometimes the people you follow seem to go into unfollow status? I know some profiles i follow seemed to have dropped of my list. I had to back and re click the follow button. Wierd is it not?
I still have not completely gotten rid of this cold or what ever it is. I think more exercise would help push this away and prevent future occurances
I have had major cravings for anal sex. My body is always high on libido. The thoughts of being violated have entered my dreams too. Its been a tough go finding time to release this tension of anal sex. Mistress has expressed an interest in pounding my rear. We just have not had time and being sick on both parties has not helped the issue either. Such a bummer. It would be grand if i could get anal sex on a more regular basis. But it never seems to happen. So i keep dreaming and wishing. Looking at cock and the amazing wonderfulness of it. Now dont get me wrong the female form is so sexy so beautiful, but at times usually once every couple months i get the stong desire for manly penetration. Be it a strap on or the real thing,, i just get that deep desire for it.

I am glad my work day is almost done. I just didnt want to be here today. Maybe i Wwe need some time out of town on the weekends having fun. All we do is work, even at home we just work. Its never done. I think we may go to the state park on sunday coming up. We may do some out door bondage if we find a secluded spot someplace.

I am home and watching tv. Mistress is passed out. Sick i suppose. I have to decide on whats for dinner, so to another day of writing may be done. Stay tuned to the same slave channel, same slave time, to find out what happens next on batslave. Nehehehe!! 🙂

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