Conclusion, of 27mar h story

See last journal for the beginning.

A leash was attached to the collar on my neck. Nude,  except the leg bindings, mittens, and collar i was led back to the front door. I was taken out for a walk like any good master of a dog would do. We went aroind the block at 3am. Thanks for no one being around. Though i did see lights on in a few houses. I wonder if they saw me. We stopped at the fire plug where i was told to “mark” it. I hiked my leg to pee on the hydrant. The relief was great because i really had to pee. And off we went to finish our walk. We stopped one more time at yhe end of the block, this turned out to be about half way around. I was ordered to deficate in the yard like a good dog. The street corner was on a busy street and the side street. Against what i was going to do, i was pulled to be more visible on the busy street. Finally i did my business, we continued our journey of humiliation. I thought to my self i hope i get fucked for all this.
Back the entry door master opened it up. I sat there waiting for the command to enter. Instead he just tugged on the leash. I entered to find another man in the room.
“Hello John” master stated ” here is our new pet. Humiliated and ready for a good fucking”.
“he is fine looking Jim” John said as he stood unbuttoning his pants.
As his pants hit the floor, John’s cock caught my attention. Not as long as the Masters, but definately bigger around. About the size of a water bottle. John moved over and stuck it in my mouth rather forcefully. I gagged as he shoved it down deep in my throat. As it grew larger and larger filling my mouth and throat, i began to have trouble breathing. Master was rubbing some slippery stuff on my ass and playing with my button entrance.
“John, he is gonna scream when you enter his ass. I bet you cum in a few seconds” Master laughed while fingering my ass.
“Really Jim? His mouth is tight too, he sucks like a seasoned veteran of the cock world.”
Was i in heaven or dreaming? I was just loving the usage from these two studs. Master had started slapping my ass. Then the pain got intense as i heard the pop of a whip. My butt cheecks were on fire. Moaning on the massive cock in my mouth, John was cooing from pleasure. Fucking my mouth faster he pulled out. I gasped and drool ran out all over my chin. Another pop frpm the whip coursed my ass cheeks. I screamed out. “oh yeah you dog bitch. Scream like a little slut!” Master got me again.
Then as he whipping stopped, a gentle warm rubbing was occuring on my ass hole. The area seemed to feel all slippery when John pushed his fat cock into my ass. I moaned out and tryed to escape. That was no use as John had my hips tightly in his hands. Was it pain or pleasure as my eager ass was pounded, i moaned out in in both. John was fucking with a passion only he could enjoy. Stretching my ass out with each stroke, his balls slapped hard on my perinium. That slapping was driving me nuts, i felt as i was going to pee. As i was beginning to shudder, Jim said to John ” give me that ass, i need to feel it on my cock.”
John lost his bet, he had fucked me for 10 minutes and never came. I was still in the midst of a body changing orgasm. Jim disappeared from view, but his hold on the leash was evident. The leash tightend and Master buried his cock all the way in. All at once i felt a cock probing deep, deep, deeper than any cock ever had. My body trembling, and mind going to another place Master fucked hard and fast. Pulling the leash he open hand slapped my ass. At that moment i lost myself. The orgasm took control and i let my mind go.
I am not sure where i went. I dont know what happened, all i remember is waking up in the arms of Master. I was still nude, collared and lost. But the bindings on my legs were gone. I was covered with cum and disoriented. He was cuddling me, petting my head. I was still very sleepy and Master helped me to the bed room. Laying me down on the bed, humiliated, he got into bed with me and spooned me. I fell off to sleep in the after glow of a tremendous orgasm, and in the arms of a Master that seems to care.

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