Master & Mistress vs age

At our last excursion to our dungeon, there wasc conversation of Masters and Mistress’ being self appointed. In some cases it seemed to be ok for the time had come in the community for that to happen. Years and years of time. So it was really about the 18-30 ish folks that seem to “know” what its all about. There is little life experience with the younger of the age group i mentioned. There is no person no matter what that is a true “master” and perfect. Usually it is all we can do to master our own selves muchless master being a dominant, in control of a slave. These are few and far between, especially at a young age.

Perfection is a road it is not a destination. The same with mastery of anything. There is still something that can be taught. If we arent learning something new and finding a way to better ourselves, then we have given in to just be.
Any way how does a person with no real experience all of a sudden pop up as the “master” of something lifestyle or not. I think i rambled enough. There are at times some exceptions and someone just naturally has it. And in a few years still they are deemed by their peers a master.

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