26 March Journal.

0600 Good Morning my Beautiful Mistress. Good morning to everyone else. They are claiming for rain today. We will see.
0700 the day in the life of a sick slave. All i want to do is curl up at Mistress’ feet and sleep. Having a hard time getting going this morning. Maybe i look at my phone, tablet, and computer to much. I also know that desires of the lifestyle keep me mindfully occupied. Not to mention work, home and kids. I should try more of my own medicine, empty my mind. For the first time in several weeks i woke up with an erection. It was a shock and a wonderful surprise. To bad i didnt have time to use it =-O  😦
Yesterday as i was walking around doing my job i kept hearing this clanking sound. Turns out it was my collar. Clanking as i moved about.
1430 i made it to the doc, now the never ending wait. The doc says i can see you at 230 when you wont even get vitals for 30 minutes or more. Then you wait and wait. Mistress is getting the sicky too. And she works in the medical field. You would think she could fix us. But no “go to the doctor” she says. Why? I live with one 😉
On with the lifestyle, it seems some blogging folks that i follow are sick too. This weather has been crazy this winter. I dont know if you can see it but here is a pic of the clouds on my to the doc

They look like upside down mountains or something. The air must be awfully wierd up high in the sky.
1900 the day is closed now, no new bdsm play today. The doctor says i have a sinus infection for the cold and got some prescribed meds for it. This doctor was cuuuuutte, almost asked her out. Only problem was, we ard both married. She made the visit all worth while. She was fun to chat with and wasnt all strict stern and mean. Just the most lovely visit to the doctor i ever had. While at walgreens Mistress found some pervertables. They light up too, and she was all excited about them. I hope they are cool to be beaten with.
Good night all. ♡♥ 🙂 ;-D

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