March 24 Journal

0730 this cold or what ever it is, is still lingering on. Every thing and every where either smells or tastes like dirty stagnant water. Last nights adventures got put on hold due to it and our son coming home sooner than expected.
I wonder whats in Mistress mind? She says somethings she doesnt care for, then i am being pushed into it. And it is something i wanted but put away do to her feelongs for it. Maybe she is getting more explorative.
1430 been a quick day i didnt know what time it was. As bad as i feel with this stupid sinus headache the day flew by. There was a hawk out flying above squaking loud. I took a picture as much as you most likely cant see it very well.


1700 i am going to bed early tonight. The silly cold needs some sleep to get gone. So i hope. I was locked into a new collar this weekend. Its going to be tough to explain it at work. I will post a picture below. Speaking of pictures dont forget to look at my other pages. There are lots of interesting items that have some meaning, others are just for fun, and some are fantasies. Mistress seems to be wanting more of the pierced penis. It came up while watching television this evening. I am thinking it must have been so wonderful that she is wanting more. All i can say is weeeeee!!!!!! Off to bed…….

Good night Gracie

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