21 March Journal

Ohayo-gozaimasu people. The cold seems to be leaving me. Not 100% yet but way better than the last few days. Back at work again tgif :-D=-O;-)

Now i am home its after 5pm i really dont wanna cook or go out or anything. But we have to do something. Now 3 weeks after my piercing i am really horny. No release since then. Some anal probing that almost led to true unadulterated bliss. It was great but not enough. Oh well……
2320 so instead of resting we were out looking for outfits for me, maybe a collar if she found one she liked. I found a couple things but kept it to my self. She found a couple of thumping bats made out of foam rubber. Anyway we are off to bed and better feeling tomorrow to compliment todays improvement.

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