Empty Mindedness


Can you empty your mind? I mean stop ALL though and just be in the moment of nothingness? I know i try on a daily basis, maybe i get there. Then while doing so i get visions of things to be. Death, sun, birds, love, and a whole host of things come clear. Usually it comes true. I can remember vividly laying in bed one morning, after a night at the hospital with my ailing grandmother. I worked nights at the time so i took off. When i got home, showered and went to bed, i had been asleep about an hour when i awoke to my grandmother saying ” yall go on i will be along shortly.” I knew then what happened. Then a few minutes later Mistress came in and started to tell me that me grandmother had passed. Be fore she could get it out i said i know. She was stammered and asked what i knew, i said grandma is gone. She asked how i knew. I told her grandma told me.

I have had all kinds of epiphany moments and visions, and enlightment happen by losing myself with in myself. With out the aid of the lifestyle i do this regularly. Recently i discovered that allowing my Mistress to beat and torture me or pleasure me, to just let go and be hers like i do when in emptying my mind. I become hers with no cares want or needs. Just being, thats all. Her putty to mold and make of her desires and pleasures. She has gotten me so close to subspace that i have been rubbery, babbling piece of meat and bones. I just havent flown yet. Some day i am sure i will. I know she is capable, loving and wants to. I hope it doesnt scare her when i do, because i maybe scared enough, or maybe not. Maybe i will be free as i am when in meditation.


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