19 March Journal

0700 i hate “inspections”. Especially when inspectors dont know what it takes to operate a repair shop. They expect a “model home” setting. No matter if you need to be working or not. So i been cleaning all morning, getting “perfect”. You know perfection is a road not a destination. Besides the local GM will find something to bitch about no matter what is done. He is young 24 year old with no life skills and no idea how to handle people, only a college degree in something. Good thing i dont see him much. I think i would get fired. The safety people dont even know about safety, only whats written on the inspection sheet. No idea why its there, no answers when asked a question about it. They talk about training, good grief, they couldnt train a rail road car. Oh well i have things that will take me out of here for the day.
My sinus and sicky feeling isnt any better either. That contributes to my sour mood.
1530; 30 minute before i go home. Its been a useless day waiting on an out side company person to complete what was needed. It was 1400 before i returned. Tomorrow most likely wont be any better as i have to go get my physical done. All i can think of anyway is how to please Mistress. Who has the crappiest boss i have ever known. I will be glad for her to find another job that is more fulfilling and less stressfull ( boss is stupid truthfully). I still feel like crap from thos cold, i think its getting worse.
1645 home at last. I need soup and some really hot peppers. The last 30 minutes turned into an issue at work. The installers lost a part. Now its all hell to find it.. i think they brought an extra of something they didnt need. Fuckem i didnt do it, i dont care cuz my stuff is done.
I think that i enjoy the anal orgasms more, now that Misstress sort of did it to me sunday. Last night just before falling asleep i tried to get a full raging erection and it was still painful. So that is out for now. I always enjoy anal sex any way. So with the issues of the piercing at this time, i would like to be “feminized” and trained for anal only orgasms. It would be fun i think. Especially when my lovely Mistress finally strap on pegs me.
1845 so Mistress come in and says where is your post from yesterday? I said its there i just looked at it. Well apparently the words some how got backwards and the picture all screwy. So i had to go online with my lap top, and fix the problem. Such a crappy day. By the way a pair of hawks was playing around the work place today. I tried to get picks but to no avail. I was just to slow.
2015 i really should be in bed. We wound up going to dinner with some folks it wasnt to bad, but it was what Mistress wanted. The next 2 days i am coming home and staying home. Taking more meds for this silly cold, along with slme habanero peppers. Sleep is coming for the lowly slave.

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