Sundays weekly journal


I sit here watching spongebob, yeah a 40 something watching cartoons, the laundry in the drier, Mistress napping, clouds in the sky, wind blowing and somewhat wintery day. My libido begs to be released, 2 weeks no sex, not even masturbation. I was promised release by anal today. I havent had any anal sex in forever. Its a treat i would like on a more regular basis. Though today i hope it to be  more in tune with my submission to Mistress. Hopefully another step closer to subspace. You will have to see my post about sub space. So she is going to take our son to the mall, meanwhile i get “slaved” up. Then i will be bowed down as i should be waiting for her orders. More to come later.

So its later. Mistress went to take sonny to the mall, i got all ready and was bowed in the living room. In front of the entry door. So i was bowed naked, cuffed collared and leash across my back all for Her. Then guess what, four feet stolled across the floor. Our son had returned with her and she came in behind him. I am all naked on the floor and our son seen me down bowing. Any way , She didnt peg but instead milked my prostate. I expected much more fluid. The fact i wanted more than one finger was an issue to me. But i did have a session with the door to subspace. Good night folks i am off to bed, i have to begin a work week early in the morning, good grief the weekends arent long enough.

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