Humans and Laughter, (aka the best laughs)

Ok so laughing brings joy and is caused by many things. MISTRESS and i were talking, i had wrote another blog about laughing and she just couldnt stop laughing. Anyway why is it the greatest laughs come from human bodily functions. Having gas, flatulence, diarreah, extreme urination, sneezing and the likes gives us the best laughs.
If you think about it, having beans at dinner brings great joy for the evening. You allow a silent stinker to pass, no matter if you are male or female, trying not to laugh. The ceiling fan moves the smell through the room while watching a good family show. Suddenly mom says “who needs to go to the bathroom?” Everyone looks around and the oldest son pops off “you smelt it you dealt it.” Which spawns off a heated discussion. Meanwhile you silently try not to smile, saying it must be a frog under your seat. Your daughter who had laid out the odor from hades says no jt was an elephant. Then she dies laughing then the fart noises come from her. You sit back knowing you are free and clear now, until….. you double over with gas and run to the toilet. Did someone “exlax” your food? Nope must be that extra bean helping because mom sure makes a good pot of beans. Your humiliated and the rest of the house is laughing at your expense.
Speaking of exlax, we see it used a lot in film. Running to the toilet hoping to get in and not make a stinky mess of their pants. Still after much searching the toilet or outhouse is occupied leaving the bushes as the place to do the the thing that they do so well.

Now poor old grandma’s house. Oh no it smells like old people farts in their. But dont you dare do it. Its forbidden. Just the hint of the farting odor and granny is gonna send you to the out house. Never mind if its just air, you gotta poo and she knows it. What a woman and dont you come out til your done.

No we come to mother, and clean undies. Only the sons are the ones she worries about. Car wreck, falling out of a tree, accident? Her first question is “did he have on clean underwear?” Why would she ask? Odds are they are not clean now, if they are, well then you are fine. Who cares if you are in the hospital, your undies are clean.
Now for your wife or significant other and the bedroom. So you wake up or before sleeping you pass one out. Instantly grabbing the covers you pull them over your partners head, or vise versus. Though we laugh the partner is not. After that fiasco you both laugh and the inevitable farting starts from both of you. The laughing gets more intense, thus the farting. Opps now I gotta pee, I hope I make it. Running to the bath making it just in time before the golden flow starts involuntarily. Then the odor and the poo. You come back to the bed stating do go to the bath, your partner goes anyway. They return with that look, the look of what died in you.

To end most of the best laughs we ever experience are from human body functions, most notably odorous air. To be humiliated by doing it or with the one who did, it brings great laughs later. Not to mention if you wet yourself. So if you think long and hard you will find all your greatest laughs come from that. Be it in movies, cartoons, or for real life events. Beans make it even better, more and more of that laughing gas we call farting. So eat more beans and laugh your best, laugh all your heart out. And dont forget fartman.

He may come at anytime!
Laugh hard my friends, laugh long, be happy.

Ps. Did ya know cow manure is a natural mosquito repellant. Dried it has no odor. Then you burn it like incense and the mosquitos stay away. Who would of thought! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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