Todays journal

As of today i am to use this blog as a daily journal per my Mistress. I find its going to be difficult as always in attempting to write my daily feelings, especially publicly. She is my world and i dont understand why i feel i have to be defiant. Maybe i want to be spanked and punished, denied sexual pleasure. So here goes, today i have been feeling crappy. Stomach is upset nothing helps it. Sinus drainage, and just feeling sickly. All the while my libido is running fast as ever since i have not had any sexual contact in almost 2 weeks. Since the piercing day i have had painful erections. Luckily the pain is all subsiding since the jewelry has stopped migrating. It actually looks really good for having such an issue at first. Mistress has had some dental work done and not yet finished so i am not sure when any type of play will happen, painful or pleasurable. I may be given permission to play alone with myself  or something i dont know yet. I know she loves me i love my Mistress. Hope for a good day tomorrow with less sickness and more happiness.


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  1. missaisuhi says:

    Such a good boy. You are starting to listen better


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