To be Humiliated at the doctor


So your Mistress keeps you in panties, like it or not you are. Then the yearly or emergent trip to the doc or ER comes along. What do you have on under your clothes? Hot pink or some other highly feminine color of satin panties. The look on the doctors face i am sure would have to be priceless. Your own heart racing could be heard by the doctor, and maybe even the waiting room. As the doctor questions you, you stammer and stumble over your words never looking up. Never looking up to see that the doctor is a woman with a smirk on her face. Silently she is thinking of the wonderful pleasure you would give her when she struts you through the office in your panties. Your heart sinks and your cock rises.
Any way it would be embarrasing to be found in the submissive state and have to explain, then to hope it would progress all for your Mistress’ pleasure. She probably already had it planned anyway so she could laugh and point at you when you get home.

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