Submission to Mistress

A couple weeks ago in a friday night session, Miss used a new tactic of electrical stimulation, and really had me going. The pulsing of the tens on my inner thighs and above my genitals was in perfect time with my spirit. The result of her manual stimulation of my penis, and the impulses stopped long enough for me to be rolled over and tied down again. She pulled the penis back to expose, and slightly rubbed and then spanked me. All the while the impulse of the electrical was in time with it all. I was close to orgasm so I thought. It seems i was about to reach sub space, a place i never been. I was so blubbery and lost, all i cared for at the time was her pleasure. No amount of pain would have mattered. The fact that i was her property so completely like never before was a thrill. It lasted for days, now that she had my penis pierced we have not “played”. I have been defiant, even unintentionally defiant. I think i need that feeling of utter helpless female owned property. It such a wonderful feeling. One of desire, one of servitude to the Mistress that can contol the “uncontrollable” man servant she has.
This has brought me closer to trusting, something i have a hard time with. Even in our 10 year relationship. I do wish to be spectacled in public this way. A humiliation of new extreme for me. A deeper trust of faith to my Mistress in which i love dearly. A bonding of my love to her in the deepest of ways. I DEEPLY LOVE MY MISTRESS.
There is no picture i can post to describe any of what i said above.

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