Stillness of the Mind

The mind is a busy place, full of thoughts about yesterday, tomorrow, now, how to fix this that or the other, planning, kids, yoga, kendo and who knows what else. The word is multitasking, and its the easiest thing we truely do. We make it seem hard to multitask, maybe physically doing 2-10 things at once is hard. But the real task and the hardest thing is to stop. Stop Moving, stop thinking, stop worrying. Think you can? Try it right now, empty your thoughts, Yes its hard. What will your friends think if they caught you? Who cares, right? Its you time, and those that matter wont care, those that care dont matter. To empty your mind you have to find that one thing that you can stay focused on. That one thing that can occupy your mind. Then after much practice and often years, you finally get it. Oops, now I lost it in excitement, start again. Here is what I do, I try to focus only on what ever task is at hand. No other thoughts Ideas or what ever, but to focus on that task and do it with all my conviction, heart and soul. This way the body keeps moving and you train your mind to stop thinking of “everything” and only of one thing. Now that I have started blogging and have rekindled some old needs and desires, not to mention getting things off my chest, I have decided to restart that which I left by the wayside. Yoga, shintoism and buddhism, martial arts. Not to mention the other reasons for this blog. I am become more awakend as my feelings and thoughts come more open to myself and to others through this avenue of expression.

See what I did, I lost my focus and my emptiness. Time to start again. If you are attempting to meditate and using an empty room or space, focus on your breath, in through the nose and out the mouth. Concentrate on that, see if it works. if not try your heart beat, mantra chanting what ever. There is something that will be in harmony with your inside feelings and the meditation will be easier. I leave you to your thoughts and pray for enlightenment.


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