Even deeper into being owned.

A week ago friday I was taken to the tatto parlor. I was to get a tattoo of Mistress choosing. Though the other reason we went was a cause to not get the tattoo. I was pierced with a reverse prince albert ( RPA) and a scrotum piercing. The Rpa was horendous in pain. The pain is still with me, as the artist used a captive ring in which the ring is to small. So over the course of the week the piercing migrated about a 1/4 “. It was originally exiting at the crown of the glans. Now it is almost in the middle. After much research then last nights pee hard on’s as usual with pain i managed to feel why the piercing moved. The ring was too small and every erection caused it to move. It should not have moved as it did and now we all know why. The pain has been subsiding since thursday, it has hasnot moved either. It appears visually to be healing like my other piercings in the past and the scrotum piercing. It also looks more like the pictures i have seen including placement. So please if you plan to get one of these get sized correctly and while erect. I should have stopped him but didnt do to already having fear, and forgot what i had read. Buyer be ware. Though it can still be used for what ig was done for, chastity, only after healing. Yippy yay i cant wait to please her.


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  1. writingthebody says:

    Just lovely…enjoy it!


    1. abezure says:

      Thanks 🙂


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