Daily service,


I wake each morning and take out the dog. I sit in a ball on my haunches and enjoy the quietness of nature at night early morning. In the summer i go out and do this nude as a slave should. With the thoughts i may be caught by a nieghbor. I usually pee while i am out as Mistress’ pet. After the outing and peacefulness of the early morning, i begin getting ready for work. Before i leave i kiss Mistress’ on her cheek or forehead. Then i go to work to my thing for 8-10 hrs a day.
When i return and Mistress is home i am to bow before her and worship her as my owner. Then showering and getting ready for the night i help with dinner, or dishes, it kinda depends on how her day off went, then we watch some tv together. With a child at home we cannot do much more than that. When he is gone i am cuffed and must remain nude for the evening or day on weekends. When bed time comes i ask for permission to sleep, and after being inspected for my collar, cuffs and chastity device i am allowed to retire to bed.

This is the generality of my day, its not detailed as life being a couple many things can be different. I do as she asks, and at times become defiant from either lack of sleep or a bad day. This is not with out punishment, and let me tell you, i pay for it! I am in love with my Mistress, not only in life, but in spirit, soul and heart.

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