Night of fantasy

THe night began kind of slow. I was out searching the bars for a good sexual experience. No one actually caught my eye or my desires of sex. Not even women. What a crappy night. I am just getting more horny and the alcohol isnt helping that matter. I was sitting in a place that was dark, with all kinds of people there. Minding my own business, nursing a hard liquor drink. A couple came up and asked if they could sit down. There were no more seats in the place so I said sure. The lady was Tamara, a tall slender woman which was a plus to me. I like tall women. Her breast were of the smaller variety and her body was curvy. The leather corset set off the look with her hair in a single braid off to one side instead of back. She had on some tight black spandex pants that showed her ass that I was in love with. Her height was even more accentuated with the hi heel boots she had on that looked like the ones seen a long time ago with the buttons on the side. Her entire package was just stunning and I finally after an evening of wishing got turned on. Her husbands name is Robert. Tall gentle man with a soft voice. Dark eyes and Soft cute look. Not the rock hard body builder type that most women like her would go for. He was quiet for a while. While he was wearing a dark polo and some skin tight jeans. They were tight all the way past the knees. A nice ass on him with a good bulge that the pants seemed to be doing all they could to hold in. We sat quietly for a while looking at the dance floor. They had thier backs to the floor and had to turn in a funny way to see. I asked if they would like to move places so they could see. With a reply of no we started talking. Just about nothing really. They asked about my hat and I said it was my granddads and when he passed away I got them all. I had just recently found it in a hat box. I decided to start wearing it again. I let them know that I had lost a part of my self during my travels through life. They asked about my married life and I said yes I am married and that about three times a year we go out alone to get some  action. Being swingers we usually play together. However we just take time out for our selves. THey had explained that they to were swingers with a twist. I started asking questions. They had explained they were into BDSM. I started getting turned on again. I had read about it in the past and a couple my wife and I had swung with were “kinky” that way and I had a real taste of it. I really liked it and it just went from there. The next thing I knew we were at the door of their house. upon entry of the door Tamara promptly stated that Robert & I Get undressed and sit on the floor on the living room until her return. When Tamara returned she had an amount of toys. I noticed a whip and thought oh no.  Tamara stated that from this point thru the rest of the night you will call me Mistress. You will do as told. Robert is my helper for the night, since that this is your initiation to my house, you will be humiliated whipped, cleaned, tied fucked and what ever my heart desires for pleasure. Robert was putting on the collar and leash, when Mistress said to take me to the bath and clean my ass out. Let me tell you its a different feeling to have some one else do it to you. I never plugged after getting filled with enema fluid. But tonight I got plugged and thought Oh gosh this is wierd. After completing the task Robert took me back to the living room where Mistress had the ropes ready and started tieing me up. When she finished up I was in a position that exposed my ass, balls, face, and nipples. Robert was in front of me and holding my face. MIstress let go a slap on my Balls that made me scream. At which Robert entered my mouth with his cock. He went so deep I gagged. Then Mistress gave me whiping with a paddle. I tried to pull away from pain but gained more cock in my thoat. The feelings going thru me were of pure ecstacy. I felt  some strange feelings on my balls that werent pain. A cock was still in my mouth and then a hard yank came from my balls. Then a smack and pure blissful pain went thru my balls. Robert started pumping my mouth. A flogger struck my ass then my legs and balls. MIstress stopped flogging and started lubing my ass. She wasnt even nice about it when she stuck the first of three Butt pluggs in my ass. This allowed Roberts balls to hit my chin. I stuck out my tongue and licked. Mistrss pulled the plug outand shoved a larger one in. Robert pulled out and got a leather harness that he started putting on my head. It covered my eyes and had some straps that he put on my back. I could hear moaning while I was left alone. Robert had Mistress in orgasm. After several minutes of silence The straps on my back were snapped and the plug pulled from my ass. Then some thing large started in my anal passage. But slowly.

Will have to get you the rest of the story later. Stay tuned for exciting conclusion of night of fantasy. Same bat channel same bat time LOL

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